aquarain gravity water filter system

Why have an emergency water filter supply?

Here in the United States, we normally enjoy an abundant domestic water supply which we often take for granted.  Disruptions to our water supplies and its safety have occurred from earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, power outages, nuclear power accidents, disease outbreaks, and winter storms.  These interruptions have lasted a few days and even up to several weeks…therefore, having a safe drinking water plan with an emergency water filter in place is essential to your family’s well being.

Water Preparedness Guidelines…

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that we store two gallons of water per person per day and enough for a 2-week emergency situation. That is a minimum emergency storage of 14 gallons for each person in your household.  It is important to note that the recommended amount is barely enough for subsidence purposes, allowing barely enough for drinking, cleaning and bathing purposes.  Additionally, there is the challenge of preserving the water in storage for safe use during an emergency situation.

AquaRain Ceramic Water Filter System is the Answer!

Safe, clean drinking water should be a day to day concern, as well as in family emergency preparedness planning.  The AquaRain Natural Water Filter provides a simple, easy to use system for the daily needs of safe drinking water as well as being prepared for an emergency situation which may befall any of us.

The patented technology of the gravity-powered AquaRain Ceramic Water Filter System is uniquely suited to providing laboratory-tested SAFE drinking water in adverse emergency situations and has been field proven in numerous countries around the globe.  The advanced and patented ceramic technology of the AquaRain can produce safe drinking water for your family and loved ones without water pressure, electrical energy or chemical additives, making it the ideal emergency water filter system.

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